Sunday, September 10, 2017

Oh Marie

On the day Marie called I stayed at the radio station until 5 PM or so.  From there I headed over to a little diner for a quick, cheap meal before going to the broadcasting school.  I worked at the school until 9:30 helping out with a class that was learning how to work in a radio studio. Back in those days that meant an analog control board, two open reel tape decks, a tape cartridge machine, two turntables, a microphone and headphones. One of the women in the class was someone I had barely noticed before, Becky K.  I didn't notice her that night because of her appearance, in fact she struck me as someone who tried to not be noticed by appearance.  What I did note was how much better she was than the rest of the class at audio work. 

I spoke to Becky briefly during the mid-class break and complimented her on how well she was doing.  Through that conversation I found out she had a BFA from a good university but had decided to try broadcasting.  An arts degree made sense to me-- she dressed in dark vintage clothing, wore no makeup that I could tell, smoked constantly, and drank black coffee at 8 o'clock at night.  Her hair was permed into a frizz-- she was a skinny, pale English / Irish girl with a dirty blond Afro.  At one time Becky would have been called a Bohemian, or maybe a Beatnik.  Everything about her look was muted.  But, one thing was sure, she had voice talent.  Of course I immediately saw her as someone who could replace Marsha on commercials where I needed a female voice.  But that's where the similarity ended.

After class was done that evening a few people were talking about going out for a beer.  I told them I'd meet them at The Town Tap, one of the nearby watering holes.  I had parked in the lot behind the school and when I got to my van I noticed Marie's T-Bird sitting next to it.  As I got near she powered down her window.

"Hello William," she said quite formally.
"Hi, Marie.  I'm surprised to see a woman of your standing in the community idling about in a parking lot at 9:45 at night."
"Funny," she said, "I'm here to proposition you. So much for my 'standing in the community.'"

I stood at the driver's side window of her car my hands on the door leaning over slightly.  From that angle I could see from her eyes down to her knees in the light from the overhead lamps ringing the lot.  She was wearing a dark blue well-tailored dress.  From my point of view I saw bright eyes, full red lips, a big firm bosom, and thick shapely legs visible from mid-thigh.

"What's your proposition, Marie?"
"Come to my place.  You can stay as long as you want," she said.
"I'm not sure that's a good idea," I said, my brain forming words that the boner in my pants objected to.
"What could possibly be bad about my idea?"
"Well," I said, "You're somebody that wants everything to go your way and I'm somebody that wants everything to go my way.  It seems to me like that's a recipe for conflict."
"Afraid of a fight?" Marie said.
"No.  But I'm not looking to be perturbed either."
"You use such interesting words, radio guy.  Are you saying that you like to be dominant in your, ahem, bedroom relations?"

I didn't say anything for a moment.  Mainly because I'd never thought of things that way.  I just was who I was when it came to sex.  I had never thought of it as far as a role one played.

Marie turned in her car seat so her body was twisted towards the door.  She folded her arms on the door sill and looked up at me with her eyes without tilting her head.
"Well, is that our issue, Sir?"
"Maybe it is, Marie," I said, "I never thought of it as being 'dominant' I just know how I am and what I like."
"Oh, do I know that!  You do like to get your way, Mr. Wilson, I've learned that.  So, may I remind you that the one time we were together, um, sexually... you bent me over and did me from behind while spanking my bottom.  Remember?"
"You make a solid point, counselor."
"Follow me to my place?  You can park in the garage right next to my car.  That way you won't have a long walk if you ever decide to leave."
I nodded and got in my van. 
Somebody else was going to have to pick up the tab at The Town Tap.

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